Merax Gaming Chair

Merax Gaming Chairs

What is a Merax Gaming Chair?

A merax chair is designed to support proper posture, when you sit down for a long period of time. 

The sole purpose of the merax gaming chairs is to help improve your posture; keeping your spine in alignment, while you are computing.

The computer racing chairs do their primary job of cushioning your neck and back. This is done with the use of lumbar cushions and high backrest, providing the main support. 

The racing chairs are able to be adjusted to your preferred height and reclining position.  This helps ensures that you are comfortable and in the perfect position.

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Why we rate this the best merax gaming chair

  • This computer racing chair is made of thickened leather, to help the user feel the luxury comfort while working or gaming

  • The merax chair features a ergonomic contoured padding to give support to the users body, where its most needed

  • The racing chair consists of adjustable armrests and lumbar support, to help you feel at ease when resting

  • The adjustability of the merax computer allows you select your own reclining position – so that it is best suited to you

  •  It is made of bonded leather; it is a premium make. It holds a professional look so it will be a great addition to your gaming room

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What you really need to know

  • The sophisticated leather material and 360° swivel feature, makes it very easy and convenient to move around your room effortlessly

  • The racing chair has a retractable footrest, so it can be easily removed when its not in use, saving you space

  • The head and lumbar pillows are designed for users of all body shapes, so it’s all inclusive

  • The material the merax gaming chair is made from is environmentally friendly materials, which is an added bonus

  • The seat is adjustable to suit the user’s height, so that it is a perfect fit

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What you really need to know

  • This racing chair is multifunctional and features multi direction wheels, so the user can move in any direction they wish 

  •  The merax racing chair is available in seven vibrant colours; blue, red, white, black, grey, pink and purple 

  • The contoured cushions provide support to the user’s neck and back, for all day comfort

  •  The merax gaming chair is able to rock back and forth, for the user to feel relaxed and calm while working

  • It has a sturdy base; rated five stars so this gives you a stable chair

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What you really need to know

  • It is made with high quality leather, for comfortable resting and a premium feel

  • The PU leather design is made for breathability, so the user able to spend long hours relaxing and working

  • The merax racing chair can be customized, so the user can choose the reclining angle, the height and armrests height

  • The razar chair features a unique tilt locking feature. This secures your preferred seating position in place, for convenience

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What you really need to know

  • The merax gaming chair features a 360° swivel and high quality mute rolling wheels, so the user can move quickly but avoid noise and damage
  • The gaming chair is made of heavy-duty metal frames, for a stable and solid build 
  • This racing chair consist of tilt lock, so the user only needs to choose their favoured setting once. This makes it less time consuming than manually resetting 
  • The adjustable back is able recline at different angles, up to 180° angles
  • The racing chair consists of a freely adjustable lumbar support, so it is a perfect fit for the user’s neck and back

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What you really need to know

  • The merax chair is designed for personal comfort; it is able to recline up to 180° so you can choose your seating angle 

  • The top-quality construction is made to last for a long time. The metal framework is heavy duty for stability

  • The merax gaming chair consist of retractable footrest, so you can remove it with ease for convenience 

  • The gaming chair is made from premium leather with memory foam technology, to provide you with the best sitting experience

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What you really need to know

  • The merax chair features segmented padding on the headrest, armrests and backrest – for all round comfort 
  • The blue gaming chair is adjustable; the height, flip up arms, tilt control and 360° gives the user freedom and options to customize the chair
  • The high-quality leather racing chair is integrated with a contrasting coloured mesh. This is done for style and breathability 
  • The sturdy racing chair is able to support 114 kg weight capacity, providing long lasting use

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What you really need to know

  • The racing chair features a breathable PU leather with adjustable lumbar cushion to support your neck and spine

  • The merax chair can lock into any angle, when the user reclines backwards, it is able to mimic the feeling of lying down on a bed

  • It is very easy to set up, with simple tools and instructions included

  • It has a unique look, due to the thickened cushioned back and armrests, it is ergonomic, so the user won’t feel tired even after a long time

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What you really need to know

  • It features a stable and sturdy construction, with the maximum weigh capacity of 150kg 

  • The racing chair is made of special rubber wheels to protect the floor from any scratches

  •  The ergonomic design of the detachable neck pillow and headrest, allows maximum customisation 

  • The high-quality material consisting of thick PU leather is rated five stars. This means that it has passed the SGS stamping test, so this improves the overall safety of the chair

  • The 360° swivel allows the user to feel free, while gaming

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What you really need to know

  • The teal gaming chair is outlined similar to a race car style chair; providing the user style and luxury comfort 

  • The durable material is heavy duty, with the maximum weight capacity at 250 kg. This merax chair is made for long lasting use

  • The premium leather is incorporated with a contrasting coloured mesh material for smart and sleek style

  •  The armrests are padded so that the user can feel the at ease, providing top quality support

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What you really need to know

  • This racing chair has the option of a chair with the footrest and a chair that is made without the footrest – so you are able to buy your preference

  •  It has smooth caster wheels to allow smooth gliding across any floor for easy mobility 

  • The computer racing chair features adjustable height, armrests and pillows. So, it is suitable for all users, regardless of height and body shape

  • This chair has a one-year warranty included, so the user is able to get a free replacement or refund for any damaged or defective parts, within one year

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What you really need to know

  • The contoured cushions and padded pillows allow the user to have the ultimate comfort while gaming. Elevating the gaming experience

  • This racing chair has a removable side porch and a cup holder integrated into the armrest, so the user doesn’t have to pause their game to refuel 

  • It has a spacious and continuous footrest surface, so that the wires don’t get caught anywhere, giving the user overall control 

  • The racing chair can recline up to 135° and the 360° swivel elevates the support so the user can focus on the game and not their balance

  • The footrest is expandable this helps to take pressure off the back of the users’ legs

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What you really need to know

  • The merax chair is made from PU material and a density sponge padding, which gives the illusion of natural leather – it’s easy to clean when needed

  •  The merax chair features a one-year warranty, so in the rare instance of any problems, a solution will be given to give you peace of mind

  • The backseat can recline from 90° to 120° so that the user can find their optimal position and seating level

  • The merax chair is available in three refreshing colours: red, blue and grey. So you can select your favourite colour when purchasing

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What you really need to know

  •  The racing chair is heavy duty and sturdy so you can feel at ease when gaming. It features a high-density foam simultaneously it has been verified by SGS for safety 

  • The high-quality PU leather has thickened cushions and padded armrest, to maximise comfort levels

  • The removable headrest and adjustable armrests, are convenient and easy to change when needed

  • The 360° swivel allows the user to feel free to move around at a quick pace without worry

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What you really need to know

  • This gaming chair has a unique gift: cute rabbit ears and a flurry rabbit tail. This one of a kind feature will have you stand out from the crowd

  • It has been tested by SGS and been proven to be safe and functional for use

  • The cool pink colour chair is ergonomic; the height, seat level and cushions can be adjusted to fit the users needs

  • This gaming chair has special body-hugging technology; as it comforts the shape of the users back 

  • It has an extra high backrest to help good posture and reduce fatigue, this will optimise the user’s energy levels and mood

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What you really need to know

  • The two contrasting colours of the racing chair, gives cool yet professional look, it will compliment any gaming room or office 

  • The racing chair is crafted to fit any body shape and support the body posture

  • The thickened padding on the racing chair, will give you a soft and natural comfort

  • It is multi-functional; consisting a 360° swivelling so the user is easily able to navigate around their desk

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What you really need to know

  • The PU leather is durable and wear resistant, so its long lasting and gives a professional look to your room

  • The racing chair has soft adjustable armrests, so that the user can select their favoured height, and only need to do so once 

  • It has durable, five star rated base to give the user added safety and peace of mind

  • The racing chair has 360°swivel wheels, so the user can go in multiple direction without fail

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What you really need to know

  • The gaming chair extends the full length of the back – giving support to the shoulders, head and neck

  • It is crafted to fit any body shape and help encourage a good posture while sitting, helping to increase blood flow in the body 

  • It is made with breathable premium leather, so even after sitting for a long time, the chair won’t get sticky

  • It has a tilt locking mechanism of 90° to 160°, so the user chooses their preference 

  • The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are included to give full support to your spine

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What you really need to know

  • It is made for gaming, as it provides the best gaming experience to pro gamers

  •  It features an ergonomic design, with strong metal frames to help the stability of the gaming chair and to provide the user comfort

  • It is multi-functional; it has a height adjuster to let the user set it to match their height and an armrest, so the user is comfortable at all times

  • The racing chair has smooth rolling caster wheels, which are great for quick movement 

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What you really need to know

  • It is multi-functional; it can recline backwards, swivel or rock back and forth for relaxation

  • It consists of top-quality PU leather and memory foam, so it is very easy to clean and low maintenance 

  • It is designed specifically for provide comfort to the user, so it features a retractable footrest and a large seat cushion

  • It is made to last a long time; it consists of metal framework and heavy-duty base wheels. The wheels are designed for efficient moving and gaming

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Who would use a Merax Gaming Chair?

The merax gaming chair would be highly suitable for individuals who spend a lot of their time playing video games. 

Sitting down for extended periods of times, in an ergonomic position, can make a large difference. This difference can be felt in your energy levels, body posture, mood and vitality. 

So, the merax chairs also are ideal for individuals who are seated for a long time at work. This applies particularly students, who usually study for long durations of time.

Gaming chairs are fashioned to aid your sitting posture and help optimal blood flow. 

The construction of the racing chairs enables users to sit longer, with better comfort and support than regular chairs.

What features to look for when buying racing chairs:

1)    Material – Merax gaming chairs are made from a range of different materials. 

When purchasing merax gaming chairs, its necessary to select the material of the merax chair, best suited for your own comfort.

If you choose a racing chair without the breathable mesh – sitting down for a long time may become uncomfortable. This is because the mesh material is prone to get sticky.

Most gaming chairs consist of synthetic PU leather, although many do feature a mix of leather with a breathable mesh fabric. 

2)    Adjustable – The high quality merax gaming chairs render different adjustments. Some of these include; the height, reclining angle and the armrest position.

These adjustments enable the user to transition. Transitioning between gaming time and resting time is made so much easier. 

3)   Approved by SGS – Ensure that the gaming chairs are certified and approved by SGS. The SGS company inspect and verify that all products are safe for consumer use. 

Therefore, ensure that the gaming chair you buy has been inspected and approved by SGS; confirming safe usage.

More information about SGS (USA) can be found on the link provided below:

4)    Optimal Support – Most merax racing chairs feature neck and lumbar support, as these are the fundamental elements to the racing chair. 

So, it is best to avoid gaming chairs that do not present these features. Features such as the neck and lumbar support are essential for your support and comfort.

How much does a cheap merax racing chair cost?

The price range of merax racing chairs are diverse, subject to the features and advances incorporated in the racing chairs. 

An ordinary merax gaming chair will habitually include a cushion to support your neck. A computer racing chair with only the vital components can average at around $85.  

A basic razar gaming chair at an economical price is usually popularized for its simplicity and ease.

How much do the best merax gaming chairs cost?

Computer racing chairs which consist of more innovative trademarks can cost up to $300. 

The number of advanced features the merax chair consists of, is a key determinant of the price point.

A useful video about Merax Gaming Chair

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