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What is a Graco high chair?

A Graco high chair is a baby high chair manufactured by the baby product company, Graco. High chairs consist of a small chair and usually attached to a small table for the baby or child. Often, they can be adjusted to table height and most high chairs, made by the top companies are the same in this regard.

Graco are one of the most recognized, respectable baby product companies in the world and for over sixty years have helped out families with their merchandise.

When looking for a high chair for a child, there is no place better to look than Graco. With Graco you are being promised quality, durability and ease of use, with Graco provide many options for whatever you need from a high chair, priding themselves on their innovative designs.

They understand that the child comes before everything else.

In a rush? Here is our best rated Graco high chair

Why we rate this the best Graco high chair

  • At less than 18lbs, the lightweight design allows for easy portability
  • The chair grows with the child, offering 7 stages from baby high chair to toddler table and chair
  • A sleek design that is classic and simple, compared to other brands in the same price bracket
  • Easy to clean with a wipeable and machine washable seat pad. The footrest, plastic tray and frame is also wipeable.

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What you really need to know

  • Six height adjustments and three recline positions help adjust the baby for stress free feedings.

  • Removable seat back so that you can position the child on a chair and give them a seat at the table.

  • Cushioned seat pad that gives your child all the comfort they need—they’ll never want to get out.

  • One-hand removable tray that can be easily cleaned. Everything is wipeable, making the clean up hassle free.

  •  Front locking wheels keep the child in place during meals and can unlock when needed for portability.

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What you really need to know

  • Easy one-hand folding allows for this children’s high chair to put away even if you are holding your baby.

  • Ultra slim design means that it can stored in the tightest spots, providing easy storage.

  • Three recline positions so that your baby can experience comfortable feedings always.

  • Seat pad is wipeable for an easy clean, along with the rest of the high chair.

  • There is a mesh storage basket underneath that allows you store all the essentials, keeping them close at hand during meal times.

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What you really need to know

  • This chair is 3 in 1, offering 3 growing stages for your child: infant high chair, high chair and booster seat.

  •  Five different height positions so that your child can always be right with the family at meal times.

  • The seat pad is machine washable and the tray insert is dishwasher safe, making clean up easy.

  • Five point harness with soft straps that provide both comfort and safety for the child.

  • The Graco DuoDiner 3 in 1 frame can be easily folded away for quick and easy storage.

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What you really need to know

  • Fully adjustable to eight different height positions for the perfect table fit.

  • Three recline positions for easy feeding and offers great support for the baby.

  • Wipeable surfaces and the seat pad is machine washable, making cleaning quick and easy.

  • Easily folded away so it can be stored away without any trouble.

  • One hand harness adjustment feature so that you can adjust the chair as your child grows.

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What you really need to know

  • 2 in 1 portable high chair that can convert into a booster seat when your child is big enough.

  • The tray can be removed with one hand, making it simple to get your child in and out.

  • The seat pad is machine washable, making cleaning easy and hassle free.

  • There are three recline settings for whatever stage your child is at.

  •  Assembly is easy, the legs easy to attach and it can be done in seconds.

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What you really need to know

  • Six height positions and three different recline levels makes feeding time easy on the child and easy for you.

  • No assembly is required with this high chair and it can be used straight out of the box.

  • It is very easy to fold away and store in tight spaces when not in use.

  • Seat pad is stain resistance and machine washable, making clean up a dream.

  • Sturdy for its size and capable of holding up to some baby and toddler tantrums.

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What you really need to know

  • This chair comes with seven separate growing stages—from infant floor seat to big kid table and chair.

  • The whole high chair is easy to clean with the seat back being stain resistant and wipeable.

  • Tray can be removed with one hand and is safe for the dishwasher.

  • Quick to assemble and dismantle.

  • Offers multiple options to seat two children simultaneously for meal times.

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What you really need to know

  • Simple to fold and can be done with one hand and in a single motion.

  • Compact design means that it can be stored away easily, not taking up space for long.

  • Nine height adjustments provides the best fit to your table.

  • Infant body support and harness covers are removable for an easy wash with the frame being wipeable to make cleaning simple.

  • The one hand removable tray means it is easy to get the baby in and out of the chair.

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What you really need to know

  • It features wipeable and machine washable seat pad for a quick and easy clean.

  • Three reclining options to make meal time simple.

  • It is self standing and the simple, slim design means it can be stored away into small spaces, providing more room for the family.

  • The easy two-step fold means that you can get the high chair unpacked and packed in mere seconds.

  • Infant support and covers over the harness keeps your baby comfy and safe.

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What you really need to know

  • Unique swiveling booster seat rotates, conveniently positioning the baby at mealtimes so they can be a part of the action.

  • Head support and body supports supplies ultimate comfort for the baby during early feedings and it can be removed once they get bigger.

  • Chair has three stages—from infant feedings up to toddler booster seat.

  • At only 10 pounds it is perfect for portable use.

  • Can be secured properly on chairs with the convertible three to five point harness.

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How to fold a Graco high chair?

Folding a Graco high chair will differ, depending on the model you own. For most baby wooden high chairs, the principles are pretty much the same.

Here is a common way to fold a baby high chair:

  1. Behind the high chair, find the handle that is parallel to the seat.
  2. Put your foot behind the back leg of the chair so that it stays in place.
  3. Grab the handle and squeeze the release, whilst pulling the handle up. The tray will begin to collapse downwards.
  4. When the tray is completely collapsed, push the handle down. This will slide the seat down into the legs.
  5. When the seat is all the way down, pull the handle back up towards you. The front leg and seat come back towards the back leg.

If you’re still not sure how to fold a Graco high chair then here is a helpful video. It explains how to assemble and fold a Graco DuoDiner high chair and how to fold a TableFit high chair:

The Graco baby YouTube channel has many videos on baby high chairs, so it’s worth a look.

Who would use a baby high chair?

Baby high chairs are aimed at parents of young children, or those expecting a baby. Most parents can expect their child to be ready to sit up at 4-6 months, so that is the age when a baby can sit safely in a high chair.

If you decide on a reclining baby chair then it is possible to put your child into one sooner than 4 months old.

The chair can be used by toddlers as well, depending on their size, and you can hope to get at least two years use out of a good quality baby chair.

What features to look for when buying a Graco high chair?

There are a number of features you might want to look out for when looking at Graco high chairs. Some of these are:

  1. Functionality

It is always good to have a chair that does more than one thing. Having a chair that can convert into a separate low seat for the child, has a table for toddlers that can be removed when they’ve grown up a bit will make your job as a parent easier. It would also be better value for money.

  1. Durability

A baby high chair is most likely going to see at least two years of daily use. Because of this you need to make sure that the chair you purchase is sturdy, easy to clean and able to handle this much use.

  1. Safety

Maybe the most important feature of all. If the child is not safe in the seat then it isn’t a chair worth having. Parents need to make sure that the high chair they choose has good straps that are easy to buckle and unbuckle.

  1. Comfort

The child will be sat in the chair a lot over the next couple of years, so you want their experience to be one of comfort. Look for children’s high chairs with padded seating and maybe a footrest.

  1. Size

You’ll need to know how much room the high chair takes up when folded out, and how much space is needed to store away. If you don’t have a lot of available floor space then getting a large high chair will not be ideal.

A useful video about graco high chair

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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