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What is a corner chair?

Corner chairs come by a few different names and are sometimes known as corner armchairs or corner accent chairs.

A corner chair is a chair which has a curved or angular back which can fit tightly into certain spaces in rooms. For instance, an angular corner chair will fit well into the corner of a room.

One advantage of a corner chair is that it allows for greater space usage in a room. This is because the area which would be left empty in a normal chair, round the back, is optimized.

Secondly, many people enjoy the design features of a corner chair which give the sense of a ‘fitted’ style to the room.

Wooden corner chairs have the advantage of being used in various different settings. Many people also add cushions and throws.

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Why we rate this the best corner chair

  • Sky blue upholstery and espresso finish mean that the chairs are designed with style in mind.

  •  This comfy armchair works well in a living, room, dining room, bedroom or study.

  • Very easy to assemble.

  • The shape and size allow one to sit in many different positions comfortably.

  • The tall back means that you can add more cushions or throws without loosing the fashionable design of the chair.

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What you really need to know

  • Wooden chair legs provide an old-style, classic look.

  • The chair fits into odd nook or neatly snuggles against a wall.

  • The seat and back area are made of blue fabric which makes cleaning easier and provides some cooling during hot periods.

  • Accented back rest is ergonomic and provides a stable back support.

  • The neutral colour means that the chair can easily fit in with existing furniture in the room.

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What you really need to know

  • A corner chair with storage.

  • The neutral white colour bench and cushion fits well within any existing room furniture.

  • A wooden frame and doors add a classic look.

  • Arrives very well packaged to avoid damage to the wood.

  • A very good way of adding functionality to a seating area.

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What you really need to know

  • An all-weather outdoor furniture set which would works very well in a corner or as a stand-alone piece.

  •  As part of the set the oversized corner chair is provided with a foot rest.

  • The corner accent chair has a cushion back rest for greater comfort.

  •  Cushions are made with zippers so that the pillow cases can easily be removed for cleaning.

  •  A Steal-frame and seating-clips allow for greater durability mean that you can attach the two pieces together.

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What you really need to know

  • A small corner chair which works well in the home or the office environment.

  • Silver steel frame means that the chair is long-lasting and durable.

  • The chair can be configured with other products to create a long series of chairs with a corner feature.

  •  The black colour works well with other existing room furniture.

  • Comfortable faux leather seating and back cover.

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What you really need to know

  •  This small corner chair can be incorporated with other products in the design range and create a large L-shaped sofa area.

  •  Arrives fully assembled so no need for further hassle.

  •  Designed in a wedge-shape so that the chair fits very comfortably into right-angled corners.

  •  Fabric cushion covers are very comfortable. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • A very attractive and stylish corner accent chair with wooden frame means the classic look will work well with other furniture in the room.

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What you really need to know

  • This corner accent chair is sold as an add-on to other pieces in a range but can work just as well as a stand-alone piece.

  • This wicker chair is durable in all weathers.

  •  Removable cushions to avoid water damage in rainy weather.

  • A small corner chair which can fit well into various nooks and corners in outdoor areas.

  • Available in Heritage Blue or Warm Grey colours.

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Who would use corner chairs?

Corner chairs come in a variety of styles and with many features. There are corner chairs for many different spaces, including corner chairs for the bedroom and corner chairs for the living room.

People tend to purchase a corner chair if they are looking for a comfortable place to sit and relax. For instance, a corner chair with arm rests is particularly useful as a reading chair.

Depending on use different corner chairs are made with different fabrics. For example, corner chairs for the bedroom are usually made with fabric. Whereas, corner chairs for the office are usually made from leather or faux-leather.

What features to look for when buying a corner chair?

The features you should look for depends on two things: what purpose will the chair serve? How much space do you have?

If you have lots of space and you are looking for a comfy chair which can serve multiple purposes, then perhaps an oversized corner chair would suit you best.

Alternatively, if you have less space and simply need somewhere comfortable to sit then a comfy corner chair of a smaller size would suit you well.

Materials often vary greatly on corner chairs. The vast majority are made from fabric, but some are also made of wood. Leather corner chairs are also available.

How much does a cheap corner chair cost?

Prices for corner chairs start at around $150. For example, the DAZONE Corner Sectional Sofa Chair with Cushions features a cushioned seating and back rest and a right-angled design which works well in conventional rooms.

More portable corner chairs, such as inflatable chairs, are also available for around the $100.  

How much do the best corner chairs cost?

The ‘best’ corner chair depends on your taste and the purposes the chair will serve. But, as a rough estimate, a popular corner chair will normally cost around $250.

For example, the Malena Upholstered Corner Chair is a wooden corner chair with faux leather upholstering and costs $235.

There are also very good corner chairs which incorporate other functions. For example the Home Decorators Collection Walker Corner Bench is a corner chair with storage and costs around $400. This is at the upper end of how much corner chairs tend to cost.

A useful video about corner chair

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