meet the team (2)

Meet the team

Hello, you can read more about our wonderful but small team.  We work really hard to try and make this site the best it can be and we hope you find the information on here useful.  

You can email us at

Kirsty Williams

Hello, I’m Kirsty and the owner and founder of this lovely site.  After having worked in retail for nearly 30 years, I wanted something to keep me occupied in retirement.  That is where the idea for Chair Spy was born. I have worked with my lovely grandson, Gareth, to help build this site.  

My role on the site is to write a lot of the content.  I love researching and writing and I want to make sure I provide you the best information that I can to help you choose the right chair for you.

You can contact me on

Gareth Owen

Hello, I am Gareth and I am Kirsty’s grandson.  When my grandma said she wanted to start a website and asked for my help, well who was I to say no. 

Instead we have been on a wonderful journey together building this site.   I look after the technical aspects of the site as well as producing some content.  My day job is that of a writer so I also take some time out to help write content for this site.

Sarah Green

Hello, I am Sarah and I am a freelance content writer and also the social media marketing manager for the site.  My job is to run our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

I also do the editorial reviews for the content produced on the site.