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What is a floor chair?

A floor chair is exactly how it sounds. They are chairs for the floor that don’t require any legs to work and provide a place to sit.

A floor chair with backrest provides the support of a normal chair, which is usually missing when you sit directly on the floor and provides greater comfort than a carpet or old pillow.

Floor chairs are something that is common in Japanese culture, having been used for centuries. Now the rest of us have picked up the craze and ran with it.

Today, there are as many options with comfortable floor chairs as there are with couches and non-legless chairs, so you are bound to find something perfect for your needs.

In a rush? Here is our best rated floor chair

Why we rate this the best floor chair

  • Adjustable backrest that prevents bad posture and can be reclined for extra comfort.

  • With it weighing less than 6 pounds it is lightweight and a foldable floor chair, making it easy to take outside the home and being comfortable anywhere.

  • Three color combinations available and a simple, sleek design make it suitable for any décor.

  • The resistant synthetic fiber makes the seat cover easy to wash.

  • Its adaptability makes it perfect for multiple uses, whether it be gaming, meditating or relaxing.

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This is rated our best value for money floor chair

What you really need to know

  • It is multi use—making it perfect for everything from an outdoor picnic, kids playing video games and sports events.

  • Fully foldable and comes with a strap for excellent portability.

  • Floor chair with backrest and adjustable to six different positions.

  • Comfortable floor chair with vegan leather finish, bringing comfort and style.

  • The stylish cover is fully washable so can be taken beyond your front door.

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What you really need to know

  • Features a swiveling base for dynamic functionality and ultimate comfort.

  • Lightweight, easy to store and a perfect option for any type of room.

  •  Foldable floor chair with an adjustable backrest that offers reclining and sitting positions for whatever uses.

  •  Attractive and modern design that will not be out of place in any room in the house.

  • Compact, yet sturdy and capable of supporting adults as well as kids.

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What you really need to know

  • Small floor chair that fully reclines flat for easy carrying and storage.

  • Sturdy and thickly padded, it provides excellent comfort and perfect for people with back and shoulder pain.

  • Size and simple design makes it perfect for outdoors as well as indoors.

  • With a weight capacity of 260lbs it can comfortable handle adults.

  •  Completely adjustable to five positions—from upright to fully reclined.

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What you really need to know

  • Small floor chair that can be folded and stored away easily.

  • Super soft and simple color cover provides both comfort and style to any room in the house.

  • Arch back design and round shape provides great back support and comfort.

  • With a fully adjustable backrest it can be used for multiple purposes—from watching TV to nursing a child.

  • Bottom layer is wear-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

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What you really need to know

  • Sofa size means that more than one person can enjoy the floor chair and can be a more permanent fixture in a room.

  • Fully adjustable floor chair that can adjust to five levels—including fully reclining to become a comfortable sofa bed.

  • Despite size it can easily be stored underneath beds, sofas, desk etc. when fully reclined.

  •  Cover is hard to stain and wrinkle and extremely easy to clean.

  • The slub-polyster outer material and sponge inner material makes for ultimate comfort wherever you decide to put this floor chair.

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What you really need to know

  • Soft fabric and memory foam provides excellent back support and comfort.

  •  Excellent for any use with the armrest making it especially suited for watching films or playing video games.

  • Adjustable floor chair that can go from 90 to 180 degrees to meet any demand.

  • By laying it flat the floor chair can be stored away easily.

  • The headrest and foot mat can be taken off and used separately if you need some extra comfort on another chair or in bed.

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What you really need to know

  • The special design headrest will leave your head more comfortable and supported than a normal chair.

  • Backrest is adjustable and capable of lying flat if you want to have a go at taking a nap on it.

  • Varied use, providing the same level of comfort no matter what you use the chair for, or who uses it.

  • Comes fully assembled and immediately ready to become part of your furniture.

  • Easy to store away if only needed for when you’ve ran out of chairs.

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What you really need to know

  • Extremely lightweight at 6lbs and capable of holding over 280lbs due to the reinforced steel frame.

  • Despite its size and slimness, it is very comfortable, being padded with thick sponge.

  • Cover is a breathable mesh fabric that provides just as much comfort in the hot summer as the cold winter.

  • Backrest is fully adjustable into six different positions to provide whatever back support you need.

  • Will suit any room and a good tool to help with your posture.

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What you really need to know

  • Cover material is a breathable wearproof cotton and linen fabric and zippered making it easy to take off and wash.
  • Lightweight and can be fully reclined for easy carry and storage.
  • The ergonomic design puts comfort first—providing five different reclining positions.
  • Can be used for the whole family—whether it is for the kids, watching TV, reading, relaxing or meditation—this floor chair is ideal.
  • The color options allow for inclusion into any house décor.

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What you really need to know

  • A higher and wider backrest means it is suitable for adults as well as children.

  • Despite its size the floor chair is fully foldable or can be laid flat for easy storage and portability.

  • Adjustable backrest that goes to five different positions to meet any of your needs.

  • The steel frame structure makes the chair incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Quality extra soft plush covering and high-density sponge padding provides all the comfort you need in a chair.

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What you really need to know

  • Thick comfy padding and soft polyester cord covering makes this chair not only durable but cozy.

  • Adjustable backrest to five positions that can be folded flat for easy storage.

  • Sturdy floor chair that is able to hold up to 260lbs.

  • A strap can be attached to the chair for convenient portability.

  • Extremely affordable with a number of color options available.

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What you really need to know

  • Versatile lounge style that can fit into any room for any purpose.
  • The backrest is adjustable and sturdy—able to be set in five separate positions for whichever angle suits you.
  • Can be folded and laid back so it can be stored in whichever way suits you.
  • Padded floor chair that adapts to your body for the ultimate comfortable sitting experience.
  •  Cover is high quality and durable and easy to clean with a damp sponge.

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What you really need to know

  • Innovative backrest design makes the floor chair stand out and great addition to your home’s modern décor.
  • Adjustable backrest to five different angles from upright to fully reclined.
  • The floor chair is made from polyester mesh fabric which is soft, skin friendly and good for the environment.
  • Both lightweight and easily stored so it can be taken out for the day if needed.
  • Cover is zippered so it can be taken off for an easy clean.

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What you really need to know

  • Slick, simple modern design that will look good in the office or your home.
  • Can be laid flat for simple storage and extremely lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Thick foam padding made from recyclable material makes it environmentally friendly and comfortable.
  • Adjustable to five positions with sturdy backrest which is helpful for easing back pain.
  • Can be used for anything from meditation to being utilized in the classroom.

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What you really need to know

  • The wooden backrest encourages good posture and helps ease back pain.

  • The memory foam cushion provides comfort that fits your body, making it the perfect seat.

  • Multi-functional—suitable for any room and any use from meditation to working in bed.

  • Floor chair can be laid completely flat for easy storage.

  • Wide range of styles and wood coloring that suits any design scheme.

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What you really need to know

  • Fabric is breathable and comfortable, suitable for both summer and winter use.

  • Material is durable and long lasting, capable of handling any type of use.

  • Lightweight design and easy storage make it a convenient alternative to a normal chair.

  • Adjustable backrest that goes to six different positions, providing back support and relaxation.

  • Sleek design and color options means it will blend in with any home décor.

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What you really need to know

  • Padded with memory foam that conforms to your body shape for ultimate luxury.
  • Easily adjustable backrest that goes to 14 different positions—from lying flat to upright.
  • Small in size making it perfect for kids watching TV but can be used by big adults also.
  • Delivered fully assembled—so can be used as soon as it arrives to your door.
  • Comes in a number of different colors so you can find a design that fits your décor.

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What you really need to know

  • Adjustable backrest that can provide superb back support when upright or ultimate comfort when reclined.
  • The thick sponge padding provides superior comfort despite the compact size of the floor chair.
  • Can be laid completely flat to be stored easily under a bed or couch or easily carried.
  • Frame is solid reinforced steel, making it a sturdy floor chair and capable of sustaining a weight up to 220 lbs.
  • Cover is made from a breathable mesh cloth, bringing ultimate comfort for every season.

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What you really need to know

  • A stylish, more authentic Japanese design that can be a permanent fixture in your home.
  • Easily assembled—the chair coming with instructions and tools to do so.
  • Chair made with real bamboo and the waterborne paint used on the surface is environmentally friendly, making this an eco-conscious choice.
  • The small legs provide a perfect height for meditation and with a table, enjoying tea on the floor.
  • The sponge cushion provides great comfort despite no padding on the backrest.

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Who would use floor chairs?

On initial look, with the small design, floor sitting chairs look perfect for children. Whether they want it to watch TV, play video games or use as reading chair in their room, a comfortable floor chair is a simple, affordable option for kids.

Chairs for the floor can be used by adults too as comfortable reading chairs, used for meditation and help ease back problems. They also make great emergency chairs when you have a lot of guests at the house, providing a quick solution to not having enough chairs for guests or not enough space.

As long as you don’t struggle to get up and down off the floor, then floor chairs are a great addition to the house furniture.

What features to look for when buying foldable floor chairs?

There are plenty of features you should look out for when considering buying a floor chair. Some of these are:

  1. Portability

A big bonus of floor chairs is that they are easier to move around and change than normal couches and chairs. A folding lounge chair is ideal if you plan on using the floor chair on the go.

  1. Size

The size is key. Too small and it won’t be comfortable if you are an adult sat on it, too large and it may not fit the purpose you want the chair for. You’ll want to consider where the chair will go in your house and the size that will suit the space.

  1. Durability

What the chair is made out of is important. You need to check that the chair will stand up to weight and is sturdy.

  1. Damage to floor

Floor chairs might be more susceptible to sliding when sat on so you need to make sure the chair you buy will not damage your floor. To avoid any headaches, it might be worth buying a floor mat to protect that nice floor of yours.

  1. Comfort

Most importantly: is it comfortable? If the floor chair isn’t providing you as much comfort as a normal chair than what is the point of it?

A useful video about floor chair

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

Other types of relaxation chairs to look at

Circle Chairs

The circle chair is a leisure item primarily used to provide comfort in the home and is named after the shape of its frame and cushion area. Looks great in any room.

Floor Chairs

A floor chair is exactly how it sounds. They are chairs for the floor that don’t require any legs to work and provide a place to sit. Therefore, they are very versatile.

Slipper Chairs

A slipper chair is an armless, high-backed, upholstered chair. It has shorter legs so it sits closer to the ground. Its lower seating position makes it a comfortable option for many. 

Sling Chairs

A sling chair is a type of chair in which a frame (which may be made from plastic, wood, metal or another type of material) forms the backrest and legs of the chair.

Round Chairs

A round chair derives its name from its unique shape and construction. It is a huge circular, ‘bowl’ shaped chair with an adjustable angle which make them stunning chairs.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A zero-gravity massage chair is designed to evenly distribute body weight by suspending the body in a neutral position. This is for better support and comfort.